With Grand Prix Liverpool coming closer, Andreas “ecobaronen” Petersen has started working on Unified Modern. For the full overview of options, he wrote this three-part series on the format! This first article is about one pillar of Modern: Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch.

In a couple of weeks I will travel to rainy England to participate in the Unified Modern Grand Prix in Liverpool. At Grand Prix Madrid last December (Unified Modern), Grand Prix Madrid (Team Trios Constructed) in March and Pro Tour 25th Anniversary (Team Trios Constructed) in August I played at competitive tournaments the last time. Other than that I mostly play Magic Online because of family commitments. I played Modern and had a great personal record at all of these events. I truly love the team aspect, so going to Liverpool this year felt like a no-brainer. Since I can’t win a Team Grand Prix without team mates, I called two of the most powerful magicians I know. Thankfully they accepted my proposition!

Team Unified Chris and Dang

PT Champion Martin Dang and 10-time GP Top8 competitor Christoffer Larsen.

With the logistic details taken care of, let’s take a look at some of the deck options for a Unified Modern tournament. When preparing for any Modern tournament, I’ve had great success by dividing the format into pillars. That is the method I will also be using in this article series. First up is Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch, so let’s evaluate some decks that use it.

Noble Hierarch

First pillar of (Unified) Modern

Noble Hierarch

Option #1: Humans

Public enemy number one
Champion of the Parish

Humans by Dan Staub

Creatures (37)
Champion of the ParishChampion of the Parish
Kessig MalcontentsKessig Malcontents
Kitesail FreebooterKitesail Freebooter
Mantis RiderMantis Rider
Meddling MageMeddling Mage
Militia BuglerMilitia Bugler
Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch
Phantasmal ImagePhantasmal Image
Reflector MageReflector Mage
Thalia’s LieutenantThalia’s Lieutenant
Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenThalia, Guardian of Thraben

Spells (4)
Aether VialAether Vial
Lands (19)
Ancient ZigguratAncient Ziggurat
Cavern of SoulsCavern of Souls
Horizon CanopyHorizon Canopy
Seachrome CoastSeachrome Coast
Unclaimed TerritoryUnclaimed Territory

Earlier this year, Humans was the most played deck in Modern because of its’ ability to disrupt the opponent while reducing their lifetotal to zero blisteringly fast. Humans‘ popularity started to shrink a little bit after players started playing Control decks with many removal spells rather than combo decks that Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenThalia, Guardian of Thraben and Meddling MageMeddling Mage could prey on. The printing of Militia BuglerMilitia Bugler in M19 gave the deck a little more staying power facing off against removal spells, and the deck is now comfortably sitting in the top tier of Modern once again.

Strengths: If Thalia is good in the matchup, chances are that you are favored. Likewise, if Meddling Mage can shut down your opponent’s strategy partially, let alone completely, you will probably win. Storm and Ad Nauseam come to mind.

Threats: Spot removal + Snapcaster MageSnapcaster Mage out of Blue/Red/X Control decks spells bad news, and with the surge of graveyard-centric aggressive strategies, an uptick in Anger of the GodsAnger of the Gods would be tough news for Humans pilots in Liverpool.

Option #2: Spirits

Strasky’s Favorite
Drogskol Captain

Spirits by Charles Martin Jr.

Creatures (30)
Drogskol CaptainDrogskol Captain
Mausoleum WandererMausoleum Wanderer
Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch
Phantasmal ImagePhantasmal Image
Reflector MageReflector Mage
Remorseful ClericRemorseful Cleric
Selfless SpiritSelfless Spirit
Spell QuellerSpell Queller
Supreme PhantomSupreme Phantom
Geist of Saint TraftGeist of Saint Traft

Spells (9)
Aether VialAether Vial
Collected CompanyCollected Company
Path to ExilePath to Exile
Lands (21)
Botanical SanctumBotanical Sanctum
Breeding PoolBreeding Pool
Cavern of SoulsCavern of Souls
Flooded StrandFlooded Strand
Hallowed FountainHallowed Fountain
Horizon CanopyHorizon Canopy
Misty RainforestMisty Rainforest
Seachrome CoastSeachrome Coast
Temple GardenTemple Garden
Windswept HeathWindswept Heath

Spirits went from second tier strategy to tier 1 material with the printing of Supreme PhantomSupreme Phantom and was solidified by the top 4 finish at Grand Prix Prague by hometown hero Ondrej Strasky (check out my winner interview with him from GP Stockholm). The fact that you can actually cast colored spells that aren’t creatures with your manabase gives you more flexibility and better sideboard options at the cost of speed compared to Humans. Collected CompanyCollected Company lets you come back from the cards that traditionally beat a creature strategy and adds depth to the deck.

Strenghts: Being able to run dedicated hate cards like Rest in PeaceRest in Peace, Stony SilenceStony Silence and counterspells allows your aggressive deck to transform into an effective hatebear deck post-sideboard in a lot of matchups.

Threats: Playing both Aether VialAether Vial and Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch alongside 21 lands, your deck has a lot of bad topdecks meaning that mulligans and discard spells can punish you badly. That is the name of the game with these linear creature decks.

Option #3: Abzan Company

Going infinite at will
Collected Company

Abzan Company by Christopher Minor

Creatures (30)
Walking BallistaWalking Ballista
Birds of ParadiseBirds of Paradise
Devoted DruidDevoted Druid
Duskwatch RecruiterDuskwatch Recruiter
Eternal WitnessEternal Witness
Knight of AutumnKnight of Autumn
Knight of the ReliquaryKnight of the Reliquary
Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch
Scavenging OozeScavenging Ooze
Tireless TrackerTireless Tracker
Vizier of RemediesVizier of Remedies
Courser of KruphixCourser of Kruphix
Shalai, Voice of PlentyShalai, Voice of Plenty

Spells (8)
Chord of CallingChord of Calling
Collected CompanyCollected Company
Lands (22)
Gavony TownshipGavony Township
Ghost QuarterGhost Quarter
Horizon CanopyHorizon Canopy
Overgrown TombOvergrown Tomb
Tectonic EdgeTectonic Edge
Temple GardenTemple Garden
Windswept HeathWindswept Heath
Wooded FoothillsWooded Foothills

When you play mostly online (infinite combos aren’t fun when pressing buttons), you tend to forget that Abzan Company is always present at paper tournaments. The deck runs little to no interaction and tries to execute its’ own gameplan of gaining an infinite amount of life or drawing all of its’ library to find the lethal Walking BallistaWalking Ballista with infinite mana in the pool.

Strenghts: I really love how Abzan Company can put combo pieces onto the table and leave up mana (or creatures to convoke). This way you threaten the infinite life combo at all times. That leaves the opponent in a dilemma similar to what Splinter Twin did back in the day. Furthermore, the plan of playing bad creatures and activating Gavony TownshipGavony Township should never be underestimated.

Threats: As it was the case for Humans, Anger of the GodsAnger of the Gods can easily be a three-for-one or better against Abzan Company. Matchups where lifetotal doesn’t matter, like Tron that has the ability to reset the game with Karn LiberatedKarn Liberated, or Infect that wins via poison counters, also present a huge threat.

This was my top 3 Noble HierarchNoble Hierarch Modern decks that I expect to face in Liverpool. If you have anything to add regarding these decks or even another, don’t hesitate to share that in the comments. See you next time where I will talk about which crossover cards to look out for when building main decks and sideboards in Unified Modern and take a look at three Faithless LootingFaithless Looting-powered decks!


This article was written by Andreas Petersen in a media collaboration with mtgmintcard.com

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