Fees and shipping costs

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“Als magic-spielende Marktplatz-Anbieterin ist es die Aufgabe der GmbH
für eine klare und offene Gebührenstruktur zu sorgen. ”

Peer RichelsenCo-Founder, Chief Evangelist Officer
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Questions about fees and shipping costs?

The best way to reach us:
In-App Chat: “Peer from Snapcardster”

Shipping costs

Value less than € 25.00 does not require shipment tracking

MethodNumber of cardsWeightCosts
Standard letterup to 8 cards20 g0,70 €
Compact letterup to 20 cards50 g0,85 €
Large letterup to 200 cards500 g1,45 €
Maxi letterup to 400 cards1000 g2,60 €

Goods value over 25,00 € requires shipment tracking

Posting+ 2,15 €Print stampOrder stamp
Registered letter+ 2,50 €Marke druckenOrder stamp
Personal registered mail+ 4,65 €Print stampOrder stamp
Registered mail/advice of delivery+ 4,65  €Order stamp
Personal registered mail

Advice of delivery**

+ 6,80 €  Find a store

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