April 23, 2019

Modern Predictions for MC London and the London Mulligan – Part 2

Last time I had the pleasure of talking about five great Modern decks, and today it's time for five more that are a bit less popular, but very likely to…
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Thing in the Ice by Svetlin Velinov
April 18, 2019

Modern Predictions for MC London and the London Mulligan – Part 1

Mythic Championship London is closing in, and it has my attention for a couple of reasons. The constructed format will be Modern, and the London Mulligan will be tested for…
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Eldrazi Displacer by Daarken
April 4, 2019

Finishing the Job in Vintage Super League – Part 2

Last time I talked about my first three playdays on the Vintage Super League which ultimately qualified me for the semifinals. Part of what I always liked about the VSL…
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Bilbao Azusa Lost But Seeking by Winona Nelson
Grand PrixModernTournament
March 7, 2019

3 Top Decks for MagicFest Bilbao to win in Modern

Living the Grand Prix and Mythic Championship grind is a real thing. Not many days after I got home from Mythic Championship Cleveland, my preparation for the next big event…
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Mox Opal by Volkan Baga
March 4, 2019

Metagame Analysis: Modern Part 2

Last week I tried to dissect the results of the highly competitive Magic Online Mythic Championship Qualifier in the Modern format where Faithless Looting showed a lot of dominance and…
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