Electrodominance by Dmitry Burmak
January 23, 2019

Electrodominance in Modern

Let’s achieve Dominance. Electrodominance. I want to start off todays article with honesty! “Hello, my name is Michael and I’m an addict”. To clarify – I’m an addict when it…
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December 20, 2018

How to make the breakthrough as a local player

It's Regional Pro Tour Qualifier season and a couple of friends of mine seized the day and managed to snag a pair of blue envelopes in the end! I was…
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Boros Challenger by Lucas Graciano
December 18, 2018

The top decks for Pauper, Modern, Legacy and Vintage

A Journey towards qualifying for all the format playoffs When I got this year’s competitive play in the books, I ended at 45 Pro Points and qualifications for the next…
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Valakut Scapeshift by Daniel Ljunggren
December 3, 2018

How Valakut allows you to focus on the important decisions

Modern will be the focus of the European tournament scene again this weekend at GP Liverpool. With the format as wide open as it is, deck selection is not easy…
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Unified Modern Faithless Looting by Gabor Szikszai
Grand PrixModern
November 20, 2018

Faithless Thoughts about Unified Modern

In part two of his Unified Modern series, Andreas ”ecobaronen” Petersen takes a look at three graveyard-centric decks powered by Faithless Looting. He also shares some tips about annoying crossover…
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Unified Modern Noble Hierarch by Mark Zug
EvergreenGrand PrixModernTournament
November 14, 2018

Noble Thoughts about Unified Modern

With Grand Prix Liverpool coming closer, Andreas "ecobaronen" Petersen has started working on Unified Modern. For the full overview of options, he wrote this three-part series on the format! This…
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Assassins Trophy by Seb McKinnon
October 27, 2018

Assassin’s Trophy all across Constructed

Return to Return to Return to Ravnica (GRN) has been out for a couple of weeks now, and I have been shifting from playing only Limited to a more focused…
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