Magic Arena

Meme Vivid Revival by Yeong Hao-Han
DecktechMagic ArenaMTGOStandard
February 12, 2019

Meme or Meta – Simon Nielsen’s Brew Test

Last week my article was primarily focused on Magic Arena. But for the competitively inclined player, Magic Online thankfully still lives on with high level best-of-three matches, lots of innovations…
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DecktechMagic ArenaStandard
February 6, 2019

How to Beat Mono Red with Decks of Any Color

With the announcement of the Mythic Invitational, grinding ranked play on Arena suddenly has a purpose. And it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon with invites to Arena Mythic Championships…
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Risk Factor by Chris Seaman
Magic ArenaStandard
February 4, 2019

MTG Arena Ranked Ladder – A Grinder’s Diary

I’m writing this article on the day of the announcement about the MTG Arena Mythic Invitational at PAX East. Announcements like these come with both great joy and sadness. The…
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Incubation Druid by Daniel Ljunggren
Magic ArenaStandard
February 1, 2019

Standard Week One – The Top 5 Decks

After all these hours of brewing, watching, testing and tweeting about the new decks, we finally had the first week of competition to see Standard come into action at an…
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Hero of Precinct One by Bram Sels
DecktechMagic ArenaStandard
January 28, 2019

We Do Need Another Hero – Hero of Precinct One

I don’t really care what Tina Turner thinks on the subject, because we definitely do need another hero. I didn’t know until it got revealed, but Hero of Precinct One…
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Black-Green Midrange by Simon Nielsen
DecktechMagic ArenaVideo
October 25, 2018

Black-Green Vraska MTG Arena Gameplay with Simon Nielsen

Black-green is the name of the game as Golgari decks are the strongest Standard archetype going into the first Grand Prix weekend to feature Guilds of Ravnica in Standard after the…
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