Primeval Titan by Aleksi Briclot
March 15, 2019

Sideboard Guide for Red-Green Valakut

Despite having championed the deck for a while and obtained a lot of expertise during this time, I’ve never actually written explicitly about Red-Green Valakut in Modern. Earlier this week…
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MTG Arena Bedevil by Seb McKinnon
February 13, 2019

There’s No Reason to Play the Victim Here

Hello, people! Since this is the probably your first time reading something that I wrote, let me introduce myself: My name is Carol Anet, from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.…
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D&T Stoneforge Mystic by Mike Bierek
February 11, 2019

Death and Taxes – The Definitive Guide Part 2

I am back with part 2 of My Death & Taxes! This time I’ll focus on how to play the deck as well as mulligan decisions. You can find part…
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Manabase Blood Crypt by Adam Paquette
January 24, 2019

How to Build a Good Manabase – The Manabase Police

Whenever there is a new deck list posted in our team forum or on Twitter or among the Magic Online lists, the first thing I do isn’t to marvel in…
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Matchup Monastery Swiftspear by Steve Argyle
January 22, 2019

My Favorite Legacy Deck – The Blue-Red Delver Matchup and Playstyle Guide

Hola chicos y chicas! There seems to be quite a bit of interest in reading about my take on Blue-Red Delver. So today, I bring you four more matchups that…
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Pro Tour Seasons Past by Christine Choi
January 18, 2019

Seasons Past – The Pro Tour Then and Now

The Competition at competitive and professional REL tournaments has become harder compared to earlier years. Let us look at what happened and how difficult it is to succeed at the…
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